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Change a Child's Story.

Over 500 children are in foster care on any given night throughout the 24th Circuit. 

You can be a voice for a child who has experienced abuse or neglect as a CASA Volunteer.


1. Apply


2. Interview

  • Once the application is reviewed a 45-60 minute interview will be scheduled. 

  • Because we work with children, we conduct reference checks and thorough background checks on all our volunteers initially as well as every four years. 


3. Train

  • Pre-service training classes are offered quarterly; includes 30 hours of initial training and 3 hours of court observation.

  • Complete 12 hours of continuing education each year. 


4. Induction

  • After completion of steps 1-3, you will be sworn into the court by a 24th Circuit Judge and ready to accept your first case. 

  • Trained staff will be available to provide ongoing support every step of the way! 

More Questions? 

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